International Association for Applied Corneotherapy

The International Association for Applied Corneotherapy was upgraded from an earlier version of Joomla to the latest this included:

  • providing a responsive mobile friendly template
  • Upgrading the Community Buiilder application used to register members
  • And many other 3rd party addons used to build the functionality of the site.

Now Youre Talking

The Nowyouretalking public speaking web site was in need of an upgrade to ensure it was using a more secure version of Joomla and to also make it mobile friendly. During the Joomla upgrade a responsive template was applied to ensure it performed well across different device types.


Terra Nova Consultancy

After many years of running an earlier version of Joomla Terra Nova Consultancy web site was upgraded to the latest version of Joomla this allowed the site to be mobilised by the addition of a responsive template. New features such a google recapthca were added to prevent spamming via on line forms.


The Real Music Company

The Real Music Company site was upgraded from a severly hacked Joomla 1.5 site. Included in the upgrade was the addition of slideshows to present products in a dynamic manner. The site was also mobilised to make it mobile device friendly.

Mailchimp was integrated to add a powerful Newsletter application to ensure enhanced communications with site visitors.


NA Distributors

Both the New Zealand and Australian sites were upgraded from Joomla 1.5 - both had been hacked due to an insecure third party addon.

In addition to upgrading the templates additional functionality was added to the sites and they were made mobile friendly.