Chaplows Custom Framing Services

Chaplows earlier site had been compromised and was severly restricited by Google. NZJoomla recovered much of the content and replaced the site with:

  • Latest version of Joomla
  • Responsive mobile friendly template
  • Installed Mijoshop as a full ecommerce solution to allow orders to be placed and managed on line.
  • Resubmitted the site to Google and removed it from a number of blacks lists.



Jopeh's Art

Peter Hendrix required a simple web site from which he could sell his oil paintings and water colours. A full ecommerce on line shop was not required. However there was a need to accept online orders and to take payments was needed. So a responsive (mobile friendly) site was built which allowed orders to be placed and payments to be accepted.


New Zealand College of Chiropractic

NZJoomla provided training on the Joomla CMS so that NZ College of Chiropractic could take better control of content on their web site.

NZ College of Chiropractic required the ablity to sell a one of product(event Tickets) and accept credit card payments. So we implemented a solution whereby orders could be placed on line and pay for by creditcard without having to build and implement a full on line shop.


United Products

United Products had issues with support on their site, so site was transferred to NZJoomla. Where it was upgraded to the latest version of Joomla. A number of enhancements were added to the site to assist with presentation of their products and improve SEO and communication with their site visitors.

United Products use Mijoshop as their ecommerce solution for presenting products and taking orders.


Omega Propellers Ltd

Omega Propellers Ltd formally (Thompson Aeronauticals) this web site was upgraded from a Joomla 1.0.X version of Joomla with Virtuemart to the latest version of Joomla with a current verion of Virtuemart. Functionality on the site was overhaulled and brought in line with current practises. The site uses a responsive template allowing it to automatically adjust layout to the device being used to view the site.

Site was also moved to a new server as hosting on the old server was unrealiable and caused issues for visitors to the site with time outs and extremely slow performance.