Crystal Clear Studios Upgrade

Crystal Clear Studios provide wedding photography and make-up services. A major push in the business meant that the time had arrived to update the site and ensure it was mobile friendly. The same style of template was needed but it needed to be responsive and hence mobile friendly.


Terra Nova Consultancy

After many years of running an earlier version of Joomla Terra Nova Consultancy web site was upgraded to the latest version of Joomla this allowed the site to be mobilised by the addition of a responsive template. New features such a google recapthca were added to prevent spamming via on line forms.


Cosy Cabin Rentals

Cosy Cabin Rentals site was upgraded from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 3.2 series to allow it to be mobilised and made user friendly for visitors using mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets.


Auckland Metro Doctors

Auckland Metro Doctors wanted a fresh new look to their site, so NZJoomla provided a new template and revisted the content to remove clutter and focus on the products and services "Travel Doctor Auckland" they provided, also ensuring a first page ranking in organic google searches for their key target phrase. At the same time NZJoomla provided a mobilsed version of their site which allowed quick loading on mobile devices and laid out to ensure maximum performance in a portrait display mode as used on most mobile devices.

Click on image to view a full version of the site.

amd web site

Compare with the mobilised version of the same site: