Free Joomla Services

NZJoomla provides the following Free Joomla services:

Site transfer:

to our servers, if you agree to migrate your site to our servers we will transfer your Joomla site free of charge. We expect a minimum of 36 months site hosting with us.

Core Joomla updates:

if you host your site with us we will include free updates to Joomla core within the same stream. Ensuring increased security of your site. In some cases we will extend this to non-commerical 3rd party addons to further ensure site security.

Joomla consultancy:

Hosting with us and have general questions regarding Joomla features and functionality, then we will provide the answers via our Joomla experts free of charge.


Host your domain and site with us and we provide free unlimited mailboxes ( fair use conditions apply).

SEO review:

When you initally host with us we will discuss with you, your target market requirements and review your existing SEO / SEF site setup and provide recommendations for improvement.