Joomla Upgrades

Written by Super User. Posted in Joomla Services

Joomla org continously upgrades it's versions of Joomla, within a stream it is relatively easy to ensure a site is kept current and to improve it's security. As long as the core code of Joomla has not been modified then simply adding the latest files is all that is required.

However if upgrading between streams of Joomla is required  ( eg. 1.5.XX to 2.5 or 3.2) then:

  • Upgrading the database
  • Modification of the template
  • Updating of 3rd party addons

are all required and the upgrade task can be quite complex. At NZJoomla we have considerable experience in upgrading Joomla sites and have undertaken many a site upgrade. These upgrades provide numerous benefits to your site:

  • more secure Joomla web sites
  • improved Search Engine Optimisation features
  • better Access Control Levels
  • easier Joomla upgrades
  • more flexiable content management
  • avoid incompatiablity with newer technology such as PHP and MYSQL
  • access to newer 3rd party extensions and hence increased functionality of Joomla web sites
  • continued Joomla support (ie. Joomla 1.5 no longer supported)

Contact us now if you are interested in grading your Joomla web site.