Joomla Templates

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Joomla templates are available from various sources and the cost of implementation is dependent upon various factors:

Downloadable Joomla templates

There are many Joomla Templates available both free and paid for.

Although many of these are free - these do not come with support and can cause issues when Joomla is upgraded or you require specific style changes to suit your company branding requirements.

Other templates are available as a single purchase or part of a club / subscription service - these are usually the best value for money as they come with on going support. NZJoomla is already a member of many template clubs so we can make available to you these templates with on going support.

Modified Joomla Templates

Many of these downloadable templates can be modified to use to suit your specific Joomla web site needs. We can under take this modification and produce a  Joomla template applicable to you needs.

Client specific Joomla Templates

You may already have a web site you want converter to Joomla or a specific design layout specific to your needs. In which case downloadable templates may not be suitable.

We can take your web site layout design and convert it to a unique template for your Joomla web site.

Contact us now with regards to your Joomla template requirements.