Joomla Training

Need assistance and knowledge in administrating a Joomla site we can assist in providing suitable training in Joomla.

We have provided for a number of different Joomla web site owners to various levels, depending upon customers requirements. The following are web site owners we have provided Joomla Content management training to allow them to adjust and manage their sites.

Training can be carried out on site or via team viewer.

Aero Performance Propellers

Yellow Pages

Nadist and Naim audio (NZ and Aus sites)

NZ College of Chiropractic

Colmar Brunton


Warden Consultancy

Concrete Grind and polish

Paradigms Life Coach Auckland

We can adjust the time and content of our training to your specifc training needs, at your premises or on ours.

Contact us now to resolve your Joomla training needs.