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Kapiti Cycling Club originally had a Joomla web site - however keeping the core software updated was difficult with the template they had used. NZJoomla provided an updated template which looked and functioned similar to what they originally used but was compatible with recent Joomla updates. NZJoomla now maintain their web site and provide much needed support.

A fully responsive web site to provide a promotional platforms for PumpWorks pump sales and services.

MJBlaw had been promised a site which could be edited and updated by themselves by a web developer, but never were given the ablity to edit their own site. NZJoomla transferred their existing WIX site to a Joomla site, which they now have the ablity to edit their own content.

ByAccidents flat HTML web site was no longer functionality correctly contact forms were no longer working and the webmaster was no longer available to support the site.

NZJoomla provided a new site with latest version of Joomla which included the following functions:

  • On line contect forms
  • On line quote for assessment - allows upload of pictures showing damaged to be repaired.
  • SEO solution to target ByAccidents product and service phrases.

QE Plumbing provides plumbing services for the greater Auckland area and required a suitable web site to promote their services. A fully responsive template was provided to ensure it was mobile friendly.

Security Risk?

If your current Joomla install is version 1.5.26 or below - it is out of date and it's security is at risk - YOU SHOULD NOT use it as part of your business tools.

Joomla have now also stopped support for 2.5.X series and hence it's time to upgrade your site if you are running this stream of software on your web site.

If you have a series 3.X version of Joomla running your site, you must ensure it is updated to Joomla 3.9.28 at a minimum as lower levels of Joomla 3.X have a security risks.

Current version of Joomla 3.9.28

Note: Joomla 3.10 and 4.x were released 17/8/2021 - however these required careful analysis of your web site before upgrading. As these are a migration not just a straight upgrade.

Contact Us about upgrading.

Google it

Want to add any of the following google services to your Joomla Site?

Google Adwords
Google Analytics
Google Search console
Google URL submission
Google Recapctha

Contact Us as we can help.

Mobilise your web site

The growth of browsing on smart phones is one of the fastest changing aspects of the WWW, with 49.2% of mobile users browsing the internet on their phones.

Is your site mobile ready or are you still penalising visitors to your web site who are using mobile devices with large downloads and incorrectly proportioned layout?

A responsive web site reacts to the device your visitor is using to view your site.


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