Auckland Metro Doctors wanted a fresh new look to their site, so NZJoomla provided a new template and revisted the content to remove clutter and focus on the products and services "Travel Doctor Auckland" they provided, also ensuring a first page ranking in organic google searches for their key target phrase. At the same time NZJoomla provided a mobilsed version of their site which allowed quick loading on mobile devices and laid out to ensure maximum performance in a portrait display mode as used on most mobile devices.

amd web site

Compare with the mobilised version of the same site:

Security Risk?

If your current Joomla install is version 2.5.x or 1.5.x or below - it is out of date and it's security is at risk - YOU SHOULD NOT use it as part of your business tools.

If you have a series 3.X version of Joomla running your site, you must ensure it is updated to Joomla 310.8 at a minimum as lower levels of Joomla 3.X have security risks.

Current version of Joomla 3.10.8 or 4.1.2

3.10.8 - being a stepping stone to Joomla series 4.
Joomla 3.X will be supported until September 2023.

Joomla 4 is recommended for new sites where posssible.

Contact Us about upgrading.

Google it

Want to add any of the following google services to your Joomla Site?

Google Adwords
Google Analytics
Google Search console
Google URL submission
Google Recapctha

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